Travelling to Lesser Known Christian Sites in the Holy Land – The Tomb of Lazarus – חלק 2

מזון לכלבים

In Bethany you can find the remains of the tomb of Lazarus. Lazarus was
already dead for four days when Jesus came to his tomb with his sisters, Mary
and Martha along with the rest of the mourners in the village. The stone that
sealed the tomb was removed. Then, after looking up to to the heavens and
crying out : “Lazarus, come out!” Lazarus was resurrected and came out of his
tomb to the amazement of his sisters and the mourners.

to See in Bethany

is sacred to both Muslims and Christians. Today, the village of Bethany houses
the church of St. Lazarus, the Mosque of al-Uzair and the tomb of Lazarus
itself. There are also some ruins of Christian churches.

tomb of Lazarus itself can be reached by going down a set of twenty four stone
steps. This tomb is rock cut. It is probable that very little of the original
tomb remains as there was a church built above it and its weight may have
caused it to collapse.